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About Us

 Dear Visitor,
Conifers Garden is a small horticulture, dealing exclusively with the propagation of conifers and the distribution of seeds.
We primarily focus on rare, naturally occurring conifers from all over the world but we also readily provide dwarf and other horticultural varieties. We are constantly expanding our collection and catalogue of plants from not only Hungary but from many parts of the world.
You can order your favorite product worldwide with the help of our on-line shop. We undertake to send and fulfill your order anywhere in the world and we also take care of the necessary phytosanitary permits and the customs clearance.
If you love conifers and you take care of plants which is not included in our offer and you like any of our choice, please Contact Us. We are also interested in buying or exchanging cones and seeds of naturally occurring species.
If species or varieties you want to order in large quantities, please avoid our on-line shop, but send an e-mail please and Contact Us. We have rare plant species which we cannot propagate by wholesale every year. If you do not want to miss an important plant, but we had run out of our range, please confirm via e-mail so you can obtain it next year.
We are indebted to the Hungarian conifer collectors, botanists and botanic gardens, who helped us to have a unique collection and offer in the world.
                                                                                            Conifers Garden
We would like to thank all the nature photographers who help our work and contribute with their pictures for a better and more spectacular knowledge of the conifers:
Andy Lawrence - USA
Barbara Bowen - USA
Chien-Ti Chao - Taiwan
Chris Guise - England
Corky Brown - USA
David D. Williams - England
David Matzdorf - England
Dorota Szeszko - Poland
Doug Waylett - Canada
Gerard de Boer - Netherlands
Istvan Racz - Hungary
James Gaither - USA
James Good - England
James Sowerwine - USA
Joseph Wong - Hong Kong
Juan GutSa - Mexico
Julie Hocking - USA
Marshal Hedin - USA
Megan Hyland - USA
Michaela Sagatova - Canada
Michel H. Porcher - Australia
Ming-I Weng - Taiwan
Rebecca Priddy - USA
Tracy Stout - USA
Xavier de Lapeyre - Mauritius



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