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Abies borisii-regis

2 L 15 - 20 cm


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Scientific name: Abies borisii-regis  Mattfeld  1925

Synonims: Abies alba var. acutifolia Turrill, Abies alba subsp. borisii-regis (Mattf.) Kozuharov & N. Andreev, Abies borisii-regis var. pungenti-pilosa Viguié & Gaussen, Abies cilicica var. borisii-regis (Mattf.) Silba

Common names: Balkan fir, Bulgarian fir, King Boris fir, Macedonian fir



Tree to 30m tall, resembling its parents (Abies alba × Abies cephalonica) in features common to both and variably combining the characteristics by which they differ. Branchlets are usually hairy, like those of European silver fir (Abies alba), while the buds are usually resinous, like those of Grecian fir (Abies cephalonica). Needles are usually straight, like those of Abies alba, but are pointed upward (as well as to the sides) rather than somewhat forward on the top of the twig, as in Abies cephalonica. Tips of needles are particularly variable, even on a single tree, from a little less notched than in Abies alba, through rounded, to even more pointed than in Abies cephalonica. While the resin canals in the leaves are often near the lower epidermis, as they usually are in both parents, they are sometimes in the middle of each side of the leaf, a condition occasionally found also in Abies cephalonica. Cylindrical seed cones are 10-13 cm long and 4-5 cm across, overlapping with both parents but generally shorter than those of Abies cephalonica and wider than those of Abies alba. The trees commonly lack cones.

Balkan Peninsula from southern Albania and Bulgaria south through Greece. Mountain forests, usually with one of its parents; (400-)600-1,700(-2,000) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern



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Rootstock: Abies cephalonica


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