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Picea abies 'Cranstonii'

24 L 30 - 50 cm


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Common name: Cranston Norway spruce

Synonyms: Picea excelsa var. cranstonii Knight & Perry ex Carrière, Traite Gen. Conif.: 248 (1855), Picea abies cranstonii (Carr.) Den Ouden (1949)

Selection: 1840 by John Cranston, Cranston's Nursery in Hereford, England.

Publication: Traité général des conifères (1855), by Elie-Abel Carrière (1818 - 1896)

Origin: Seedling selection

Growth shape: Conical (pyramidal). Branches stems are long (up to 60 cm) and do not produce side stems.

Intensity of growth / year: Large (30 – cm)

Adult size:  5 – 15 m

Conifer color: Dark green

Rootstock: Picea abies


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