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Picea abies 'Diedorfiana'

2 L 15 - 20 cm


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Product Code: PICFX83A28

Common name: Diedorf Norway spruce

Synonyms: Picea excelsa diedorfiana, Schwer. in Mitt. D.D.G. 12:94(1903), Picea abies diedorfiana, (Schwer.) Kruessm. (1955)

Selection: Diedorf Experiment Garden in Diedorf, Germany.

Publication: Mitteilungen der Deutschen Dendrologischen Gesellschaft (1903), by Fritz Kurt Alexander von Schwerin (1847–1925)

Origin: Seedling selection

Growth shape: Conical (pyramidal)

Intensity of growth / year: Intermediate (15 – 30 cm)

Adult size:  3 – 10 m

Conifer color: Yellow green

Rootstock: Picea abies


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