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Pinus densiflora 'Umbraculifera'

2 L 15 - 20 cm


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Common name: Tanyosho pine

Synonyms: Pinus densiflora var. Umbraculifera, Mayr, Monogr. Abietin. Japan. Reich.: 92 (1890), Pinus densiflora f. umbraculifera, (Mayr) Beissn., Handb. Nadelholzk., ed. 3: 439 (1909).

Selection: -

Publication: Monographie der Abietineen des japanischen Reiches (1890) by Heinrich Mayr (1856–1911).

Origin: Seedling selection

Growth shape: Globe or globose

Intensity of growth / year: Intermediate (15 – 30 cm)

Adult size: 3 - 6 m

Conifer color: Medium green

Rootstock: Pinus sylvestris


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