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Abies delavayi

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Scientific name: Abies delavayi   Franchet   1899

Common names: Delavay's fir, Delavay fir, Yuan bian zhong ( Chinese)



Tree to 40 m tall, with trunk to 1(-1.5) in diameter. Bark light gray, darkening, browning, flaking, and then becoming deeply ridged and furrowed with are. Branchlets hairless or transiently minutely hairy in the shallow grooves between the leaf bases. Buds 4-8(-12) mm long, coated with reddish brown resin. Needles arranged all around the twigs or, more commonly, concentrated to their sides and angled forward above them, (1-)1.5-3(-4.5) cm long, shiny dark green above, the tips blunt or notched. Pollen cones 20-35(-40) mm long, reddish purple. Seed cones oblong or barrel-shaped 6-11(-14) cm long, 3-4.5(-5.5) cm across, violet black with a thin waxy coating when young, maturing blackish brown. Seed body 5-8 mm long, the wing a little shorter.

Southwestern China -western Sichuan, southeastern Xizang (Tibet), northwestern Yunnan- and adjacent Myanmar. Forming pure stands in the subalpine belt or mixed with other conifers and hardwoods there and in the montane forest below;(1,500-)2,500-4000(-4,300) m.                                                                                              


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern

(Although there has been some reduction in some subpopulations, this species is still very widespread. it is therefore listed as Least Concern)



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