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Conifers Garden is a Hungarian online conifer nursery, specialized in naturally occurring rare conifers species. We primarily focus on rare conifers from all over the world, but we also readily provide uniquely beautiful  dwarf and other horticultural varieties. You can order your favorite product worldwide with the help of our online shop, we are constantly expanding our collection and catalogue of conifers from many parts of the world. We undertake to send and fulfill your order anywhere in the world and we also take care of the necessary phytosanitary permits and the customs clearance.

Conifers Garden pays special attention to the protection of rare conifer species. Besides ensuring the protection of species at their natural habitat, with our activity we would like to support the conservation of rare species and endorse biodiversity. We are firm believers in the principle of conservation through cultivation. Although this is only ever the second best option, realistically many plants are so rare and their natural habitats so endangered that they are unlikely to survive on their own.

  • We are indebted to the conifer collectors, botanists and botanic gardens, who helped us to have a unique collection and offer in the world.
  • We would like to thank all the nature photographers who help our work and contribute with their pictures for a better and more spectacular knowledge of the conifers.
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