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Abies procera

Abies procera
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Scientific name: Abies procera Rehder  1940

Synonyms: Abies nobilis (Douglas ex D.Don) Lindl., Picea nobilis (Douglas ex D.Don) Loudon, Pseudotsuga nobilis (Douglas ex D.Don) W.R.McNab

Common names: Noble fir, Red fir, White fir



Tree to 70(-85) m tall, with trunk to 2.5(-3) m in diameter. Bark dark gray, soon becoming reddish gray, soon becoming reddish gray, narrowly ridged and furrowed. Branchlets finely hairy, shallowly grooved between the leaf bases. Buds 2.5-3.5 mm, not resinous, hairy on the basal scales, hidden among leaves. Needles all pointing upward on the twig from an abruptly bent leaf base, (1-)2-3(-3.5) cm long, bluish green with wax above before becoming dull dark green, the tips notched to rounded, occasionally pointed. Pollen cones 15-25 mm long, reddish purple. Seed cones barrel-shaped, 10-15(-30) cm long, 5-6.5(-8) cm across, green or reddish purple when young, maturing light brown. Seed body 12-13 mm long, the wing a little longer.

Cascade and Coast Ranges of Washington, Oregon, and northwestern California. Forming pure stands or, more commonly, mixed with almost any conifers of the region;(60-)900-2,200(-2,700) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern

(This species, while affected by past logging with an unknown reduction in its original (pre-European settlement) area of occupancy, still occupies vast areas where many stands are nearly pure, especially in managed forest areas, with good regeneration after logging. In other areas it is strictly protected, as in the national parks of the region. The species is therefore listed as Least Concern)



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