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Abies squamata

Abies squamata
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Product Information

Scientific name: Abies squamata Masters  1906

Common names: Flaky fir, Paperbark fir, Linpi lengshan (Chinese)



Tree to 40 m tall, trunk to 1(-1.6) m in diameter. Bark purplish brown, soon peeling in thin, papery flakes (hence the common and scientific names, “scaly”) and ultimately becoming blocky. Branchlets densely hairy, prominently grooved between the leaf bases. Buds 4-6 mm long, covered with a thin, white resin that soon wears off. Needles on lower branches arranged predominantly to the sides, those on higher branches with seed cones pointing upward, (1-)1.5-3 cm long, green or bluish green above, the tips blunt or sharp or even prickle-tipped in young trees. Pollen cones 2-3 cm long, purple. Seed cones oblong, 5-7(-8) cm long, 2-3(-4) cm across, violet when young, maturing violet brown to almost black. Seed body 5-6 mm long, the wing a little longer.

South-central China from southern Gansu and southern Qinghai through Sichuan to southeastern Xizang (Tibet) and northern Yunnan. Forming pure stands or mixed with other conifers and hardwoods, predominantly in subalpine forest; (3,000)3,500-4,200(-4,700) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Vulnerable

(This species was exploited in the past for its timber and it is estimated that there has been at least a 30% population reduction in the past three generations (150 years). It therefore qualifies as Vulnerable)



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