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Cupressus duclouxiana

Cupressus duclouxiana
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Scientific name: Cupressus duclouxiana Hickel  1914

Common names:Chinese cypress, Yunnan cypress, Gan xiang bai (Chinese)



Tree to 25(-45) m tall, with trunk to 1(-3.5) m in diameter. Bark reddish brown, peeling in thin strips, narrowly ridged and furrowed. Crown dense, conical, with spreading or rising branches, broadening, rounding, and thinning with age. Branchlets cylindrical to squarish, 0.8-1.2(-1.4) mm in diameter, branching from all four rows of leaves, upright or occasionally somewhat drooping. Scale leaves on branchlets 1-2 mm long, dark green, or more commonly slightly bluish green with wax, the back usually with a conspicuous but inactive gland. Pollen cones (3-)4-7 mm long, with (6-)7-10 pairs of pollen scales, each with three or four pollen sacs. Seed cones spherical or slightly elongated, (1.2-)1.5-3 cm long, dark brown or somewhat grayish, often with a thin waxy coating that persist at maturity, with (three or) four or five (or six) pairs of seed scales, each with an inconspicuous to prominent central point on the face, the surface wrinkled after opening. Seeds (2-)5-20(-30) per scale, 3-5 mm long, brown, usually not waxy, the wings very narrow to 1 mm wide. Cotyledons two.

West-central China from southeastern Xizang (Tibet) and southwestern Sichuan to central Yunnan. Mixed conifer forests in moist valleys; 1,400-3,300 m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Data Deficient

(The scant information available, the lack of any specific research, and the fact that this species is so widely cultivated throughout Yunnan and Sichuan all indicate the need for further research to ascertain the true extent of the distribution of natural populations and their conservation status, and consequently more reliable EOO and AOO figures.

For these reasons the category Data Deficient has been applied)



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