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Fitzroya cupressoides

Fitzroya cupressoides
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Scientific name: Fitzroya cupressoides (G.Molina) I.M.Johnston  1924

Synonyms:Cupresstellata patagonica (Hook.f. ex Lindl.) J.Nelson, Fitzroya patagonica Hook.f. ex Lindl., Libocedrus cupressoides (Molina) Kuntze, Pinus cupressoides Molina

Common names: Patagonian cypress, Alerce (Spanish)



Tree to 50(-70) m tall, with trunk to 3.5(-5) m in diameter, clear of branches for up to 25 m. Bark brownish red, to 5 cm thick. Crown narrowly cylindrical to conical, very sparse in extreme age. Leaves 2.5-4 mm long, dark green outside the stomatal bands. Pollen cones 7-8 mm long, straw colored. Seed cones 6-8 mm long. Seeds 2.5-4 mm long.

Southern Andes and Coast Ranges of Chile and adjacent Argentina. Forming solid stands on moist to waterlogged soils or mixed with other temperature conifers and southern beech (Nothofagus); 100-1,500 m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Endangered

(Although the estimated 42% past reduction in its area of occupancy does not meet the 50% threshold for A2 under Endangered, there has been an estimated reduction in the quality of habitat across its total range of more than 50% during the last three generations, which is suspected to equate to a population reduction of 50% over that time period. In Chile, where most of the population occurs, this is very evident in the Coastal Cordillera where most of the Alerce forests comprise secondary forest that is the result of fire, logging and damage to trees from bark stripping for caulking purposes. The majority of the Andean forests been impacted in similar ways. The decline in habitat quality is ongoing as illegal logging continues and deliberately set fires re-occur)



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