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Juniperus ashei

Juniperus ashei


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Scientific name: Juniperus ashei J.Buchholz  1930

Synonyms:Juniperus occidentalis var. conjungens Engelm., Juniperus occidentalis var. texana Vasey, Juniperus sabinoides Sarg., Juniperus tetragona var. oligosperma Engelm.

Common names: Ashe juniper, Ozark white cedar, Mountain cedar, Mexican juniper, Post cedar, Rock cedar, Blueberry juniper



Tree to 15(-18) m tall, with trunk to 1.1 m in diameter, usually single-stemmed for the first 1-3 m. Bark reddish brown, weathering pinkish gray, thin, shallowly furrowed. Crown irregular, thin, and rounded, composed of horizontal to ascending branches bearing erect, four-angled branchlets. Branchlets slender, 0.7-1.4 mm thick. Leaves in alternating pairs, dark green, scalelike in adults, those of long shoots 3-6 mm long. Scale leaves of branchlets 1-2 mm long with a minutely toothed edge, a blunt or pointed, slightly spreading tip, and a prominent, round, closed oil gland on the central keel near the base. Pollen and seed cones on separate plants. Pollen cones single at the tips of branchlets, oblong, 2-3 mm long, with three to five alternating pairs of pollen scales. Seed cones nearly spherical, 6-9 mm long, dark blue with a waxy coating, single at the tips of straight branchlets, maturing in a single season. Seed usually one, 4-6 mm long, glossy dark brown, with a prominent attachment scar about half as long as the seed.

Southern Missouri to northern Coahuila (Mexico). Open uplands and canyons on rocky, limestone soils; 150-600(-1,800) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern

(Juniperus ashei is widespread and abundant, especially in Central Texas, where it is actually increasing its range into abandoned fields)



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