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Juniperus deppeana var. zacatecensis

Juniperus deppeana var. zacatecensis


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Scientific name: Juniperus deppeana var. zacatecensis Martínez  1946

Synonyms: Juniperus deppeana f. zacatecensis (Martínez) R.P.Adams, Juniperus zacatecensis (Martínez) Gaussen, Juniperus zacatensis (Martínez) Gaussen



Shrub to 3-5(-8) m, with checkered bark throughout. Bark reddish brown, weathering dark gray, to 20 cm thick, usually strongly and regularly blocky and checkered. Crown broad, irregular, and open, with spreading or rising branches. Branchlets four-(or six-) sided, slender, 1-1.5 mm thick. Adult leaves in alternating pairs (or trios), scalelike, 1-2 mm long, often bluish green with a thin waxy coating, the edges minutely toothed, the tip pointed or with a short bristle pressed against the twig. Pollen and seed cones on separate plants. Pollen cones quite oblong (2.5-)3-6 mm long, with four to eight alternating pairs of scales. Seed cones on a straight or curved branchlet, spherical, 10-15 mm through, reddish brown with a thin or thick waxy coating, maturing in 2 years. Seed (one to) three to five (or six), 6-10 mm long, dark brown, with a pale attachment scar extending more than halfway up from the base.

Eastern Durango and western Zacatecas, Mexico.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Endangered

(Based on herbarium collections, this variety occurs in two or three locations (dependent on how one defines a location); perhaps there are one or two others as a sketch map in Adams (2011) suggests. Its area of occupancy is certainly less than 100 km², however, calculated, and is here estimated to be a mere 12 km² based on reported rarity. The population is almost certainly declining due to exploitation and land clearing for agriculture. It meets criterion B2 for Endangered)



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