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Juniperus semiglobosa

Juniperus semiglobosa


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Scientific name: Juniperus semiglobosa E.Regel  1879

Synonyms:Juniperus drobovii Sumnev., Juniperus excelsa Wall., Juniperus intermedia Drobow, Juniperus media V.D.Dmitriev, Juniperus schugnanica Kom., Juniperus talassica Lipsky, Juniperus tianschanica Sumnev., Sabina semiglobosa (Regel) L.K.Fu & Y.F.Yu

Common names: Pencil cedar, Himalayan pencil juniper, Saur archa (Altaic), Kun lun duo zi bai (Chinese)



Tree to 20 m tall, or a low shrub at the alpine timberline, usually with single trunk to 1(-2) m in diameter. Bark reddish brown to gray-brown, fibrous, furrowed, peeling in narrow vertical strips. Crown conical, broadening and opening with age, with outstretched, rising to spreading branches. Branchlets widely spaced, cylindrical to weakly four-angled, 1-2 mm thick. Adult leaves in alternating trios or pairs, scalelike, 1-2 mm long, light green to yellowish green, with an active, oblong resin gland, the edges smooth, the tip triangular, curved in and pressed against the twig. Pollen and seed cones on separate plants. Pollen cones single at the tips of branchlets, slightly oblong, 3-5 mm long, with four or five alternating pairs of pollen scales. Seed cones single at the tips of straight branchlets, lumpy with seeds, 4-8 mm across, bluish black, often with a thin waxy coating, maturing in 2 years. Seeds (one or) two or three (or four), 3-6 mm long, brown, the attachment scar extending partway up the side.

High mountains of central Asia from Uzbekistan to northern Uttar Pradesh, India, and westernmost China. Open juniper woodlands of rocky soils In high, dry valleys; (1,500-)1,600-4,300 m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern

(Despite exploitation in some areas, Juniperus semiglobosa's range (extent of occurrence) is so large that it is unlikely to be threatened with extinction globally)



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