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Juniperus tibetica

Juniperus tibetica


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Scientific name: Juniperus tibetica  V.Komarov  1924

Synonyms:Juniperus distans Florin, Juniperus potaninii Kom., Juniperus zaidamensis Kom., Juniperus zaidamensis f. squarrosa Kom., Sabina potaninii (Kom.) Kom., Sabina tibetica (Kom.) W.C.Cheng & L.K.Fu, Sabina tibetica (Kom.) Kom.

Common names: Tibetan juniper, Da guo yuan bai (Chinese)



Tree to 15-30 m tall or a low shrub at the alpine timberline, with trunk to 1(-2) m in diameter. Bark bright reddish brown, weathering grayish brown, fibrous, peeling in narrow strips. Crown dense, with numerous erect, spreading or drooping branches. Branchlets numerous, four-angled, 1 mm thick. Juvenile needlelike leaves often present along with adult foliage. Adult leaves in alternating pairs, scalelike, (1.5-)2-3 m long, gray-green to dark green, sometimes with a conspicuous, elongate, resin gland, the edges smooth, the tip triangular, pressed against the branchlet. Pollen and seed cones on the same plant. Pollen cones single at the tips of branchlets, nearly spherical, 1.5-2 mm long, with three or four alternating pairs of pollen scales. Seed cones single at the tips of branchlets, spherical, (5-)8-15(-18) mm long, reddish brown, glossy, without a waxy coating, maturing in 2 years. Seed one, 7-11 mm long, brown, with a paler attachment scar reaching close to the tip.

Western China from Sichuan and nearby Xizang (Tibet), to Qinghai and Gansu. Mountain slopes; (2,200-)2,800-4,500(-4,800) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Vulnerable

(Increased pressure both on the trees themselves and on their habitat by an increasing population, in conjunction with slow growth in extreme edaphic and climatic conditions, cause this species to be assessed as Vulnerable (the area of occupancy is small (1,175 km²), the population severely fragmented and there is continuing decline due to over-use))



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