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Larix gmelinii var. principis-rupprechtii

Larix gmelinii var. principis-rupprechtii
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Scientific name: Larix gmelinii var. principis-rupprechtii  (H.Mayr) Pilger  1926

Synonyms: Larix dahurica var. principis-rupprechtii (Mayr) Rehder & E.H.Wilson, Larix gmelinii f. pendula (D.S.Zhang & Y.M.Chen) L.K.Fu & Nan Li, Larix gmelinii subsp. principis-rupprechtii (Mayr) A.E.Murray, Larix gmelinii var. wulingschanensis (Liou & Q.L. Wang) Kitag., Larix principis-rupprechtii Mayr, Larix wulingschanensis Liou & Z.Wang

Common names: Prince Rupprecht's larch



Tree to 30(-35) m tall, with trunk to 1(-1.5) m in diameter. Bark grayish brown to gray over reddish highlights, smooth at first, becoming progressively more scaly and finally breaking up into flat-topped ridges divided by shallow furrows at the base. Crown conical at first, open, broadening and becoming flat-topped with age, with long, slender horizontal branches turned up at the ends. New branchlets pale yellowish brown to reddish brown often waxy, hairless to densely covered with conspicuous reddish brown hairs, prominently grooved. Buds small, about 2-3 mm long, dark brown, variably resinous. Needles of spur shoots straight, 20-35 on each spur, soft, (1-)1.5-3(-4) cm long and 0.5-0.8(-1.0) mm wide, rich, bright green, turning yellow in autumn before falling. Midrib raised beneath and with narrow, white stomatal bands on either side and no or one or two inconspicuous, interrupted lines of stomates above. Pollen cones a little oblong, 5-7 mm long, yellowish brown. Seed cones oblong to spherical, 2-4 cm long, with 26-45 seed scales, dark purplish green with red edges before maturity, ripening reddish brown to purplish brown, on a slender curved stalk exceptionally to 2 cm long. Seed scales roundly five-sided, the tip rounded or slightly notched, opening rather flat, hairless to densely reddish woolly on the outer face. Bracts about 3-4 mm long, shorter than and hidden by the seed scales, squared off or three-pronged at the end with a bristle tip up to 1(-2) mm long. Seed body 2-4 mm long, without resin pockets, the firmly clasping wing another 5-7 mm longer.

East-central China (Henan, Hubei, Shanxi) southwest of Beijing; 600-2,800 m


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern

(This variety is still widespread and relatively common despite extensive past exploitation. It is therefore assessed as Least Concern)



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