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Taxodium mucronatum

Taxodium mucronatum
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Scientific name: Taxodium mucronatum M.Tenore  1853

Synonyms: Taxodium huegelii C.Lawson, Cupressepinnata mexicana (Carrière) J.Nelson, Taxodium mexicanum Carrière, Taxodium montezumae Decne., Taxodium pinnatum Carrière, Taxodium virens Beissn., Taxodium distichum var. mexicanum (Carrière) Gordon 

Common names: Mexican cypress, Montezuma bald cypress, Ahuehuete (Spanish)



Tree to 35(-50) m tall, with trunk to 6(-13.6!) m in diameter, single or dividing near the base into two or three main trunks. Bark reddish brown, remaining so even in extreme age. Branchlets drooping to form a graceful, broad crown. Short shoots shed annually with or shortly before the emergence of the new shoots, 10-16(-22) cm long. Needles spreading distichously to either side of the twig, bright green, turning brown before falling, 6-12(-22) mm long. Pollen cones about 3 mm long, in drooping, branched clusters to 15 cm long. Seed cones oblong, 1.5-2(-3) cm long, with 20-25 seed scales. Seed shiny brown, 5-10 mm long.

Southern Texas through Mexico to Guatemala. Wet soils, primarily in the highlands, at (20-)300-2,500(-2,700) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern

(As this species still has a widespread, though scattered, occurrence and as there is no interest in its wood for exploitation, an assessment of Least Concern is appropriate)



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