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Thujopsis dolabrata

Thujopsis dolabrata
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Scientific name: Thujopsis dolabrata  (Linnaeus) P.Siebold & Zuccarini  1844

Synonyms: Libocedrus dolabrata (L.f.) J.Nelson, Platycladus dolabrata (L.f.) Spach, Thuja dolabrata L.f., Thujopsis atrovirens Lavallée, Thujopsis laetevirens Lindl.

Common names:Hiba Arborvitae, Asunaro (Japanese)



Tree to 30 m tall, with trunk to 0.6 m in diameter, single or forking at the base or above. Bark reddish brown, shedding in narrow vertical strips. Crown conical, dense, with numerous horizontal branches turned up at the ends and sometimes tilted to the sides. Twigs completely hidden by and deeply grooved between the attached bases of the scale leaves, the texture of the scales on the branchlets unusually reminiscent of reptile skin. Scale leaves 4-5(-8) mm long, shiny dark green on the upper sides of the foliage sprays, with large, bright white waxy patches over the stomatal zones beneath. Pollen cones (3-)5-6 mm long, with four or five pairs of pollen scales, reddish brown with a purple blush. Seed cones 12-15 mm long and wide, somewhat fleshy and covered with a waxy film when young, hardening and darkening with maturity. Seed 4-5 mm long including the equal-length wings, each wing a little narrower than to as wide as the body.

Japan, all four main islands from southern Hokkaidō southward. Rocky open woods, 100-2,000 m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern

(As Thujopsis dolabrata and its varieties are widespread and show no evidence of decline, an assessment of Least Concern is appropriate)



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