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Torreya fargesii var. yunnanensis

Torreya fargesii var. yunnanensis
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Scientific name: Torreya fargesii var. yunnanensis  (W.C.Cheng & L.K.Fu) N.Kang  1995

Synonyms:Torreya grandis var. yunnanensis (W.C.Cheng & L.K.Fu) Silba., Torreya yunnanensis W. C. Cheng & L.K. Fu

Common names: -



Shrub, or tree to 20 m tall, with trunk to 1 m in diameter. Bark light brown and flaking initially, becoming dark gray or grayish brown and deeply furrowed between narrow, irregular ridges. Crown dense, becoming broadly and irregularly dome-shaped with age, with horizontal to strongly downswept branches bearing pairs of horizontal or drooping branchlets densely clothed with slightly separated foliage. Twigs passing through greenish yellow to grayish yellow or yellowish brown in their second and third years. Leaves not especially aromatic when crushed, (1-)2-3.5(-4) cm long, 2-4 mm wide, stiff and slightly drooping, shiny dark green and with grooves flanking the midrib above, with deeply sunken brown stomatal bands beneath. Individual needles straight or curved, widest before the middle, tapering gradually to the narrowly to roundly triangular tip with a sharp point 0.3-1 mm long, and more abruptly to the rounded, often asymmetrical base on a very short petiole 0.5-1 mm long. Pollen cones pale yellow, about 5-6 mm long and 4-5 mm across. Seeds with the aril mostly 2-3 cm long. Female gametophyte tissue inside the shiny light brown, stony layer deeply wrinkled.

Endemic to China occurring in Northwestern Yunnan (Gongshan Drungzu Nuzu Zizhixian, Lijiang Naxizu Zizhixian, Weixi Xian, Zhongdian Xian); 1,500-3,400 m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Endangered

(This variety has an extent of occurrence of only 3,580 km² and an area of occupancy of 384 km², and is known from about ten locations and because the wood is highly sought after there is assumed to be continuing decline in mature individuals despite the logging ban and also in the quality of the habitat)



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