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Abies pindrow var. brevifolia

Abies pindrow var. brevifolia
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Scientific name: Abies pindrow var. brevifolia  Dallim. & A.B.Jacks.  1923

Synonyms:Abies gamblei Hickel, Abies pseudochensiensis Debreczy & Rácz, Abies pindrow subsp. brevifolia (Dallim. & A.B.Jacks.) Silba

Common names:  West Himalayan Alpine fir



Tree to 40-60 m tall, with trunk to 2.5(-3) m in diameter. Bark silvery gray, darkening and becoming strongly ridged and furrowed with age. Branchlets hairless, shallowly grooved between the leaf bases. Buds 3-4(-8) mm long, covered with white resin. Leaves 2.5-3.8 cm long, more or less radially arranged (not pectinate); apex obtuse on vegetative shoots; sometimes also a few stomata on the upper-side. Pollen cones 10-15 mm long, brown. Seed cones cylindrical, 10-14(-18) cm long, (4-)5-6.5(-7.5) cm across, dark violet when young, maturing dark reddish brown. Seed body 10-12 mm long, the wing about 1.5 times as long.

India: Garhwal and Kashmir Himalayas (Chamba District 1000-2,700(-3,700) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Data Deficient

(Doubts about the taxonomic status of this taxon require an assessment of Data Deficient)



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Rootstock: Abies cephalonica

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