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Abies x arnoldiana

Abies x arnoldiana


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Scientific name: Abies x arnoldiana



Tree to 15 m tall. A garden hybrid (Abies koreana × Abies veitchii) first arising in cultivation in the Göteborg Botanic Garden (Sweden) from seed sent by Arnold Arboretum (hence the scientific name) near Boston. The two parents are closely related species that do not overlap in nature but occupy similar subalpine habitats in Japan ( Veitch fir, Abies veitchii) and Korea (Korean fir, Abies koreana), respectively. The hybrids combine the early cone production of Korean fir with the more rapid growth and slightly longer needles of Veitch fir. The needles widen toward the tip like those of Korean fir.   



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Rootstock: Abies cephalonica

Product CodeABIMZYVD5
Weight1.5 kg
Height15 - 20 cm

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