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Abies x insignis

Abies x insignis
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Scientific name: Abies x insignis Carrière ex Bailly  1890

Synonyms: Abies × beissneriana Mottet, Abies × kentiana Mottet, Abies × mastersiana Mottet, Abies nordmanniana var. speciosa Bailly



Tree to 30 m or more tall. A garden plant arising repeatedly by spontaneous and controlled hybridization of its parents (Abies nordmanniana x Abies pinsapo) growing in cultivation. It has the black hairs on the twigs of Caucasian fir (Abies nordmanniana) but differs in also having resinous buds (western races of Abies nordmanniana usually have resinous buds but hairless twigs), resin canals well inside the leaf tissue, and slightly larger cones on average, with the bracts hidden or sticking out or up a little bit and not bent down over the scales. It differs from Pillars of Hercules fir (Abies pinsapo) in its hairy twigs, frequently emerging bracts, and leaves concentrated to the sides and above, with quite variable tips. It was the first of the fir hybrids to arise and be distributed in cultivation, beginning in 1850. Different cultivars vary in their particular combinations of parental characters, and several were named independently.



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Rootstock: Abies cephalonica

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