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Picea engelmannii 'Glauca'

Picea engelmannii 'Glauca'


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Common name: Blue Engelmann spruce

Synonyms: Abies engelmannii var. Glauca, R.Sm., Pl. Fir Tribe: 4 (1874), Picea engelmannii f. glauca (R.Sm.) Beissn., Handb. Conif.: 35 (1887)

Selection: -

Publication: Plants of the fir tribe (1874), by Richard Smith

Origin: Hybrid

Growth shape: Narrow upright

Intensity of growth / year: Large (30 –  cm)

Adult size:  15 – 20 m

Conifer color: Silver-gray-blue green

Rootstock: Picea abies

Product CodePICRQKYA33
Weight1.5 kg
Height15 - 20 cm

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