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Picea smithiana

Picea smithiana
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Scientific name: Picea smithiana (N.Wallich) Boissier  1884

Synonyms:Abies khutrow (Royle ex Turra) Loudon, Abies morinda (Link) Wender., Abies smithiana (Wall.) Lindl., Picea khutrow (Royle ex Turra) Carrière, Picea morinda Link, Pinus khutrow Royle ex Turra, Pinus morinda Gordon, Pinus pendula Griff., Pinus smithiana Wall.

Common names: Indian spruce, Morinda spruce, West Himalayan spruce, Morinda (Hindi), Chang ye yun shan (Chinese)



Tree to 50(-70) m tall, with trunk to 1.5(-2.3) m in diameter. Bark light grayish brown, breaking up into irregular, scaly plates separated by shallow furrows on large trees. Crown conical to cylindrical with numerous thin, horizontal to drooping branches bearing hanging side branches. New branchlets shining tan or grayish tan, hairless. Buds 6-12 mm long, slightly resinous. Needles dark green, (2.5-)3.5-4.5(-5.5) cm long, angled and curved slightly forward, diamond-shaped and slightly flattened side to side, with two to five lines of stomates on each face, pointed but not prickly. Pollen cones 20-30 mm long, reddish yellow. Seed cones (8.5-)10-18 cm long, green before maturity, ripening shiny rich brown. Seed scales broadly egg-shaped, smooth-edged, woody and stiff. Seed body 5-6(-7) mm long, the wing 10-14 mm longer.

Western Himalaya, from eastern Afghanistan to central Nepal and adjacent China in Xizang (Tibet). Forming pure stands or mixed with other upper montane and subalpine conifers and hardwoods; (2,150-)2,400-3,400(-3,700) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern

(The species has a wide range across the Himalayas, despite some logging, the situation appears relatively stable, making this species Least Concern)



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Copyright © Aljos Farjon, James E. Eckenwalder, IUCN, Conifers Garden. All rights reserved.


Rootstock: Picea abies

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