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Pinus attenuata

Pinus attenuata
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Scientific name: Pinus attenuata J.Lemmon  1892

Synonyms:Pinus californica Hartw., Pinus tuberculata Gordon

Common names: Knobcone pine, Narrowcone pine



Tree to 25(-35) m tall, with trunk to 0.8(-1.1) m in diameter. Bark dark grayish brown, smooth and scaly above, divided below into irregular blocks by shallow, narrow furrows. Crown narrow, thin, and irregular, with branches horizontal to angled steeply upward and thinly to moderately thickly clothed with foliage at the tips. Twigs reddish brown, hairless. Buds 15-20 mm long, resinous. Needles in bundles of three, each needle (7-)9-18(-20) cm long, stiff and sometimes slightly twisted, lasting 4-5 years, yellowish green. Individual needles with lines of stomates on all three faces, a two-stranded midvein, and two to five resin canals deeply embedded in the leaf tissue at the outer corners and elsewhere. Sheath 10-20 mm long, persisting and falling with the bundle. Pollen cones 10-15 mm long, light reddish brown. Seed cones (8-)10-15 cm long, held flush to the stem, narrowly and pointedly egg-shaped, strongly asymmetric, with 75-150 or more seed scales, green before maturity, ripening light yellowish brown, remaining attached and closed for up to 20 years or more, opening after fires to release the seeds, on a stalk up to 1 cm long. Seed scales paddle-shaped, the exposed portion low and rounded on the side facing the shoot and near the tip, progressively larger and more pyramid-shaped toward the base on the outer side (hence the common name), with a thick, strong, clawlike umbo. Seed body 5-7 mm long, almost black, the easily detachable wing 12-20 mm long.

Coast Rangers and Sierra Nevada of Pacific North America from southwestern Oregon, through California to northwestern Baja California (Mexico). In fire-prone shrublands (chaparral) on dry foothill slopes; 250-1,200(-1,800) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern

(Pinus attenuata has an extensive extent of occurrence and is still numerous in certain parts of its range, especially in the northern counties of California. In certain areas close to urbanization fire prevention and suppression is likely to affect this species negatively in future, so a limited decline percentage is suspected for the future. However, this seems insufficient in relation to the global population size to place this species under threat or even to mark it as Near Threatened)



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Rootstock: Pinus wallichiana

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