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Abies nebrodensis

Abies nebrodensis
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Scientific name: Abies nebrodensis  (Lojac.) Mattei  1908

Synonyms:Abies pectinata var. nebrodensis Lojac.

Common names: Sicilian fir, Nebrodi fir, Abete dei Nèbrodi (Italian)



Tree to 15 m tall, with trunk to 0.6 m in diameter. Bark light gray, becoming scaly with age and ultimately slightly furrowed at the base. Branchlets without hairs, slightly grooved between the leaf bases. Buds 4-5(-9) mm long, not prominently resinous. Needles stiff, arranged straight out to the sides and above the twigs but with a gap beneath them, 8-15(-20) mm long, bright, shiny green above, the tip blunt to prickly. Pollen cones 15-20 mm long, purple. Seed cones cylindrical, 7-12(-20) cm long, 3-4(-5) cm across, green when young, maturing yellowish brown. Seed body (6-)8-10(-12) mm long, the wing a little longer.

Mountains of northern Sicily and perhaps the toe of Italy. Once forming pure forests or mixed with black pine (Pinus nigra) and other trees and shrubs at its lower limit; 1,400-1,600(-2,000) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Critically Endangered

(There are 24 mature trees in the current population. This very small population size means that it still meets the criteria for listing as Critically Endanger under Criterion D)



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Copyright © Aljos Farjon, James E. Eckenwalder, IUCN, Conifers Garden. All rights reserved.


Rootstock: Abies cephalonica

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