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Austrocedrus chilensis

Austrocedrus chilensis
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Scientific name: Austrocedrus chilensis  (D.Don) Pichi Sermolli & Bizzarri  1978

Synonyms: Cupressus chilensis Gillies ex Hook., Cupressus thujoides Pav. ex Carrière, Libocedrus chilensis (D.Don) Endl., Libocedrus excelsa Gordon, Thuja andina Poepp., Thuja chilensis D.Don, Thuja cuneata Dombey ex Endl.

Common names:Chilean cedar, Ciprés de la Cordillera (Spanish)



Tree to 20(-37) m tall, with trunk to 1.5(-2.5) in diameter or multistemmed tall shrub in arid steppes. Bark grayish tan. Branchlets sprays fanlike. Adult lateral leaves 2-4 mm long, facial leaves 0.5-1 mm long. Pollen cones 4-5 mm long. Seed cones 1-2 cm long, the outer pair of scales less than half as long as the fertile pair. Seeds 3-5 mm long, the larger wing extending the same distance bexond the tip of the seed.

Chile and adjacent Argentina, from 32 °S to 44 °S. Varied forests and woodlands, from Mediterranean climate woodland near Santiago (Chile), to moist montane forests at moderate elevations on either side of the Andes, to sparse dry woodlands bordering Patagonian steppe in Argentina; 250-1,800 m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Near Threatened

(Austrocedrus chilensis is a long-lived conifer species capable of living for up to 1,500 years. It has many present-day threats including harmful pathogens, grazing, habitat loss through natural or human-set fires, invasive non-native tree species, establishment of plantation trees and hydroelectric schemes. Even though it has an estimated area of occupancy (AOO) of 1,860 km2 which is within the 2,000 km2 threshold for listing as Vulnerable, for the majority of its global distribution, of which 75% of its AOO occurs in Argentina, there is no net loss of individuals due to good regeneration after disturbance)



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