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Picea asperata

Picea asperata
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Scientific name: Picea asperata  M.T.Masters  1906

Common names: Dragon spruce, Yun shan (Chinese)



Tree to 45 m tall, with trunk to 1(-1.5) m in diameter. Bark grayish brown, furrowed between irregular plates on old trees. Crown conical to spirelike, with horizontal, gently rising, or gently downswept branches. New branchlets yellowish brown to reddish brown, thinly waxy or not, hairless or thinly hairy. Buds (4-)6-12 mm long, resinous. Needles dull green or a little bluish with wax, (0.5-)1-2(-2.5) cm long, curved slightly forward, square, with three to eight lines of stomates on each side, pointed to prickly. Pollen cones 10-20 mm long, red. Seed cones (5-)8-12(-16) cm long, green or reddish purple before maturity, ripening reddish brown. Seed scales rounded diamond-shaped, thick and stiff, the tips rounded, minutely toothed, or notched. Seed body (2-)3-4 mm long, the wing 8-14 mm longer. Seed body (2-)3-4 mm long, the wing 8-14 mm longer.

Mountains of west-central China, from southern Qinghai to southwestern Shaanxi, south through Sichuan. In pure stands or mixed with other upper montane conifers and hardwoods; (1,500-)2,400-3,600(-4,000) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Vulnerable

(The assessment of the entire species is driven by that of its most common and widespread nominate variety, which meets criterion A for Vulnerable due to past logging. The logging ban, though imposed since more than a decade, should at least have slowed the reduction substantially, but we suspect it has not stopped it entirely. The species as a whole is therefore considered to be Vulnerable)



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Rootstock: Picea abies

Product CodePICHVHKR74
Weight1.5 kg
Height15 - 20 cm

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