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Picea chihuahuana

Picea chihuahuana
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Scientific name: Picea chihuahuana  M.Martínez  1942

Synonyms:Picea martinezii T.F.Patt.

Common names: Chihuahua spruce, Pinabete (Spanish)



Tree to 30(-45) m tall, with trunk to 0.7(-1.2) m in diameter. Bark gray, flaky, with small checkers separated by shallow, narrow grooves. Crown broadly conical, with gracefully arched branches of very different lengths at a given level, bearing horizontal or slightly drooping side branches. New branchlets pale yellowish brown, hairless. Buds (4-)7-8(-10) mm long, resinous. Needles grayish green with wax, (1.2-)1.5-2(-2.5) cm long, straight or gently curved forward, diamond-shaped, with three to six lines of stomates in a band along the center of each of the four faces, very prickly. Pollen cones (1-)2-3 cm long, reddish. Seed cones (8.5-)10-14(-16) cm long, green before maturity, ripening chestnut brown. Seed scales egg-shaped, thin and flexible. Seed body (3-)4-6(-8) mm long, the wing 7-13 mm longer.

Sierra Madre Occidental in southwestern Chihuahua and western Durango and Sierra Madre Oriental in Nuevo León (Mexico). Usually mixed with other conifers and a few hardwoods along streams in montane forest; (2,150-)2,300-2,700(-3,200) m.


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Endangered

(The area of occupancy of 275 km2 is well within the threshold for Endangered, subpopulations are severely fragmented and there is an ongoing decline due to fires, logging and grazing. On this basis alone Picea chihuahuana meets the B2 critieria for Endangered. The number of mature individuals is uncertain but could be less than 2,500)



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Rootstock: Picea abies

Product CodePICXH40K9
Weight1.5 kg
Height15 - 20 cm

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