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Pinus brutia var. eldarica

Pinus brutia var. eldarica
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Scientific name: Pinus brutia var. eldarica  (J.Medwedew) Silba  1985

Synonyms: Pinus eldarica Medw., Pinus halepensis var. eldarica (Medw.) Fitschen      

Common names: Eldarian pine, Mondell pine, Eldar pine



Tree to 20(-35) m tall, often shrubby on harsh sites. Trunk to 1(-1.2) m in diameter, often dividing near tha base. Bark reddish brown to silver gray and long remaining smooth, finally becoming reddish  brown, thick and deeply ridged and furrowed. Crown broadly conical to dome-shaped, flattening and opening up with age, with numerous upwardly angled to horizontal branches well clothed with foliage. Twigs reddish brown to grayish brown, hairless, smooth. Buds 7-12 mm long, not resinous. Needles in bundles of two (or three), each needle (6-)12-18(-23) cm long, slender and flexible to thick and stiff, lasting 2(-3) years, bright to dark green. Individual needles with inconspicuous, evenly spaced lines of stomates on both the inner and outer faces, and (1-)3-8(-11) large resin canals surrounding the two-stranded midvein but touching the outer surface of the needle. Sheath 9-16 mm long, weathering to 4-9 mm and persisting and falling with the bundle. Pollen cones densely clustered, about 7-10 mm long, yellowish brown with a reddish flush. Seed cones (4.5-)6-10(-12) cm long, conical to egg-shaped, with (60-)70-90 seed scales, green before maturity, ripening shiny reddish brown, opening only slowly when ripe and persisting several years before falling off the inconspicuous to pronounced thick stalk 3-22 mm long. Seed scales paddle-shaped, the exposed face diamond-shaped, crossed by a ridge, fairly flat to evidently bulging, the diamond-shaped umbo often a little indented, without a prickle. Seed body 5-9 mm long, the firmly attached wing another (12-)15-24(-28) mm longer.

Eldarian Pine is endemic to Azerbaijan, the Caucasus Biodiversity Hotspot, occurring in Gyandya-Gazakh region: North- and north-east-facing slopes of the Eilyar-Oyugu range, western part of the Eldari steppe, the Samukh district (at the border between Azerbaijan and Georgia).


Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Near Threatened

(Eldarian Pine is listed as Near Threatened, as the single location of the species existing in the wild is protected in the strict nature reserve but a fungal disease affecting pine plantations in the South Caucasus is a potential threat to the wild subpopulation of the species. Population monitoring is necessary)



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Rootstock: Pinus sylvestris

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