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Shipping Worldwide | Payment Methods

You can order your favourite product worldwide with the help of our online shop. We undertake to send and fulfill your order anywhere in the world and we also take care of the necessary phytosanitary permits and the customs clearance. In this case the shipping rates include the costs of customs and the necessary permits. 

The execution of the orders will be made in Hungary, we undertake deliveries to all countries of the world (excluding Syria, Libya, Somalia). In the EU deliveries are made by the DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) Courier Services. Outside the EU deliveries are made by the ’Magyar Posta’ (Hungarian Post Office) and DSV (Global Transport and Logistics).

The processing and fulfillment of the orders take place in order of arrival and emails will be sent with the date of package dispatch and the estimated time of arrival in all cases. In most cases the products ordered are delivered to the customers within a 2-week-period  after the order has been submitted, unless otherwise required by the customer. In case we may not be able to fulfill any order due to specific weather conditions, our customer will be informed in advance about the change in date of delivery.

We offer container-grown plants, but while packing, the plant is removed from the container and packed in a biodegradable nylon bag with a ball of soil. Since the plants are grown in containers, the roots are not damaged during packaging and can be planted throughout the year depending on weather conditions. In case of delivery outside the EU, the plants are delivered with their roots washed, packed in a nylon bag containing perlite in accordance with the plant health requirements.

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Payment options:

- PayPal (by debit or credit cards registered in PayPal)  

- Bank transfer (K&H Bank)

- Payment by debit or credit card (PayPal Checkout - secure debit or credit card processing) 

Orders will be executed after payment only, no cash on delivery is possible.

Our prices on the website are quoted in EUR, the prices include VAT (the VAT rate in Hungary is 27 %).


If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to Contact Us. (  )


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