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Terms and Conditions


1. Registration 

You are free to browse our websites  but shopping requires registration. After making a valid and successful registration anyone is entitled to shop in our online store. Registration is only required when doing your first shopping, next time you only have to enter your username and password. Failure to complete the registration will be considered as invalid registration in all cases.  Registered details can be modified on the administration page by the customer any time after login.

2. Shopping 

Select individual items, after giving the number of units, by choosing ’Add to Basket’ button.  Any item may be deleted  from the basket or the content of the basket may be changed by clicking ’View Basket’ button. All selected items and your personal data registered can be checked here, then by clicking the ’Checkout’ button you can move to the payment of the items ordered.

After placing your order you can check the status of your package, the level of processing of the plants or seeds you have ordered (accepting orders, packing, shipping), but you will be automatically sent a notification about any changes by the system in email, as well. Your previous orders will be saved in our system and you can see your purchase history.

The orders will be executed at the prices stipulated in the letter of confirmation. An invoice will be issued on each purchase including the details given and sent to the customer together with the package ordered.

3. Contract

Placing an order shall not be considered a written contract, and may be modified or cancelled in an email until the date of fulfillment. Your registration details are saved and the letter of confirmation is automatically generated by the software. The buyer’s bid offer (order) shall not be valid if the address and the contact details in the letter of confirmation are incomplete. The orders including incomplete information will always be deleted from our registry, they shall not be considered valid and executable orders.

The contract shall become effective by having the valid order paid and considered executed when the delivery has been completed. The contract shall be considered null and void if the registration includes incomplete data or a request that cannot be executed is shown in the comment section.

4. Right of Withdrawal

The customer may withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within eight working days from the receipt of the goods. In case of withdrawal in writing, you are requested to send us a declaration of withdrawal within eight working days. In case of returning the goods the price of the goods will be transferred  to the bank account determined by the customer not later than 30 working days after the receipt of the returned goods. The package can be opened by the customer, but the seller may claim for compensation for the damages arising from improper use of the goods. The costs of returning the goods shall be borne by the customer.

For perishable goods – such as live plants – the customer cannot exercise his right of withdrawal within eight working days, because plants require planting with care immediately in order to survive after receipt.

Should there be any comments from the customer related to the plants delivered after the receipt of the package, please, do not hesitate to contact us, ask your question or make a comment in order that we can solve the problem immediately. Any complaints or comments for perishable goods - plants – will be accepted within 3 working days after receipt of goods.

5. Prices

Our prices on the website are quoted in EUR, the prices include VAT (the VAT rate in Hungary is 27 %).

6. Payment

Payment options:

- PayPal (by credit cards registered in PayPal)  

- Bank transfer (Bank: K&H Bank)

- Payment by credit card (PayPal Checkout - secure credit card processing) 

Orders will be executed after payment only, no cash on delivery is possible.

If payment via PayPal is chosen, your PayPal data necessary for login will be required to enter the safe PayPal site and your PayPal account can be immediately used for payment.

If  bank transfer is chosen, a pro-forma invoice will be shown, which can be printed or saved by right-click. The pro-forma invoice includes the goods purchased, the price and all the bank details necessary for bank transfer. Bank data and bank account number can be also found in ’Contact Us’ section in the menu.

7. Terms of Delivery

The execution of the orders will be made in Hungary, we undertake deliveries to all countries of the world (excluding Syria, Libya, Somalia). In the EU deliveries are made by the DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) Courier Services. Outside the EU deliveries are made by the ’Magyar Posta’ (Hungarian Post Office) and DSV (Global Transport and Logistics).

You can order your favourite product worldwide with the help of our on-line shop. We undertake to send and fulfill your order anywhere in the world and we also take care of the necessary phytosanitary permits and the customs clearance. In this case the shipping rates include the costs of customs and the necessary permits.

The processing and fulfillment of the orders take place in order of arrival and emails will be sent with the date of package dispatch and the estimated time of arrival in all cases. In most cases the products ordered are delivered to the customers within a 2-week-period  after the order has been submitted, unless otherwise required by the customer. In case we may not be able to fulfill any order due to specific weather conditions, our customer will be informed in advance about the change in date of delivery.

The DPD shipping prices can be downloaded in the following file: 

8. Packing 

We offer container-grown plants, but while packing, the plant is removed from the container and packed in a biodegradable nylon bag with a ball of soil. Since the plants are grown in containers, the roots are not damaged during packaging and can be planted throughout the year depending on weather conditions. In case of delivery outside the EU, the plants are delivered with their roots washed, packed in a nylon bag containing perlite in accordance with the plant health requirements.

The seeds are also packed in eco-friendly, biodegradable nylon bags.

9. Warranty

Our Garden Centre will do its best to provide all information on website as accurate as possible.  In all cases the plants grown and distributed by us are healthy, pathogen-free  and  true to species and variety. Thanks to our suppliers we offer fresh seeds free from any virus or fungal infection.

10. Safety

Our website owns an SSL Certificate, which prevents unauthorized access to customers’ data entered during registration and shopping procedures. Due to the SSL Certificate, the safe HTTPS protocol is used instead of the standard HTTP protocol.

The SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, the SSL protocol ensures that data cannot be read or manipulated during transmission, and provides a site specific identity. During processing the data is encrypted, the decryption code is given to the recipient only, thus ensuring that personal data cannot be used for unauthorized purposes.

All SSL Certificates include a free website Malware Scanner to ensure your site hasn't been infected with malicious links that spread viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms. If a malicious link is found by our Malware Scanner, we'll notify you and provide instruction on how to remove it.

11. Copyright

Copyright law protects all content on our website, therefore, for any publication or presentation thereof our written consent is needed.

Dealers, resellers and customers ordering large quantities are kindly requested to contact us in English via email. Thank you! Contact us  (  )